Our Partners

Small Enterprises Research & Development Foundation

SERDEF supported us in developing an enterprise education curriculum called Building Enterprising Society Today through a three-year action research program from 2012 to 2015. The community of practice established continues to this day.

CEFE Macedonia

The school is the site for a CEFE training program for Youth in New business Creation. This is an EU Erasmus co-funded project, and will be implemented in Quarter 4 of School Year 2021. Anji Resurreccion, President of OBCCS, represents Philippine partner ADFEC as Chair of CEFE Philippines. In August, one OBCCS Faculty will be trained in Turkey to implement a branded experiential enterprise development approach developed by CEFE International of Germany.

Our Donors

Many individuals and donors, too many to mention, have helped us move from a rented place for 30 years in Old Balara to buy our piece of property in Rodriguez, Rizal. Last year, two of our donors made it possible for us to fully pay for the school building and start building a second floor to accommodate Grade 10 students this year, and Grades 11 and 12 next year.
Thanks to Cecileville Realty and Service Corporation. And another round of thanks to another Foundation which wishes to remain anonymous.

On-the-job training of TESDA graduates

INFORMATIONHUB INC. is a duly registered company,
running IT courses for TESDA. Graduates from their programs can choose to apply their skills on IT tasks at our school so they can gain units of practice and open employment opportunities or business ideas for themselves.


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