About Us

Our Vision

We envision our school as partner to parents and stakeholders in the development of enterprising children by equipping students with skills for lifelong learning and excellence in the market place, serving the community and bringing glory to God, country, and family.

Our Mission

OBCCS is a private, non-stock, and non-profit institution promoting development through enterprise education inclusive of children from underprivileged families, so that through learning-by-doing activities, they develop enterprising mindsets useful for job-creation and job-seeking.

What We Care Most About

A key emphasis for us at OBCCS is to provide an environment where children could follow the way of Jesus, growing in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men ( Luke 2.52). 

Our second emphasis is for kids to love working for and in the Philippines. Education must be relevant to daily life in the community, so that children do not see the world of the school as separate from their world at home . They need to see school as useful for creative problem solving and improving their own life even as young people.

Our third emphasis is scientific orientation. Literacy and learning are to be seen as tools for conquering the world and to care for it, so that everyone will sustain life on this planet not only for the present but also for future generations. 

Our fourth emphasis is on work and enterprise excellence, so that children will grow to become responsible, competent and faithful stewards of their personal and material resources. These include their gifts, talents, abilities, skills as well as financial and material assets. Children learn to save and invest, working heartily as for the Lord and not for men (Colossians 3.23). 

Current Officers

Angelita B. Resurreccion, President
Rene Tuazon, Vice President
Christopher L. Sabarez, Treasurer
Primavera Aquino, Secretary
Ferdinand Gedalanga, Member

Current Faculty

Pamela Ann Tenerife, Chem Engineer, Science Teacher (Principal),
Myra C Agustin, UPEduc Graduate (Filipino, Sibika, Elementary Adviser),

Susano Vargas, Electrical Engineer (High School Mathematics)
Rene Mikhael Resurreccion, UPLB Math and Science Teacher, Kumon Completer (Elementary Math, English)
Melody Abenales, Asia School of Arts and Sciences ( K-3 teacher)


Rene SL Resurreccion,  MA Development Studies- ISS Netherlands
Angelita Resurreccion, Ph.D. UP Educational Psychology, ( Volunteer),

Our history

Members of the Old Balara Christian Community Church which originally established the school in 1987.

The OBChristian Community School is a SEC registered non-stock nonprofit organization based in Rodriguez, Rizal. It is currently located in Block 17 Lot 27, Amityville Phase 2, Barangay San Jose.  It was established in 1987 by Angelita B. Resurreccion as an outreach of the Old Balara Christian Community Church. Running the school has been this community’s way of “giving back” what they received from other Christians.

In February 2021, OBCCS marked 34 years of having provided quality and affordable Christian enterprise education to the public. We thank all teachers who worked together to grow school program offerings from Kindergarten to Junior High School, namely Dorothy Sabarez, Margie Villagracia, Pamela Ann Tenerife, Myra Agustin, Luz Cabanas, Susano & Rosalina Vargas. We thank all the members of OBCC Church, as well as our donors and stakeholders, for supporting the move to Rodriguez, where we are now able to serve in better facilities. After operating in our new community for 2 years, we have brought the number of students served by OBCCS students to over 4000.

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