Our First Year in Rodriguez

Photo of OBCCS Association Members taken December 2019.

The Lord is faithful !

It is my joy as President of the Board of Trustees to honor God by presenting highlights of our school’s accomplishments to all our stakeholders. School operations in Year 1 increased our faith tremendously .

Construction of Temporary Facility 

By end of June 2019, the school finished complying with City Hall and DepEd IVA requirements for our new school. Architect Dan Valenzuela and HLSF Construction (owned by  Mr and Mrs Herbert Argosino), both members  of the Gospel of Christ Family Church,  worked together to equip our facility with 10 classrooms.   The DepEd permit allowed us to offer Kindergarten to Grade 7 programs for School Year  2019-2020.   The temporary facility was made possible by Mr and Mrs Castillo, former members of the OB Christian Community Church, who strongly believe and support our mission for Christian enterprise education .

Number of  Students 

This year’s  enrolment added a total of 30 students to the list of young people served by OBCCS up to 2020.  The total number  now stands at 3704 boys and girls we have served since 1987. Among our current 30 students, only 7 are in the paying category, and 23 are on full scholarship as beneficiaries under the Alternative Learning System. It was essential that we continued to operate this year to retain our PCNC donee status, which makes donations to the school 100% tax deductible. Please pray that we will get at least 50 students by July this year. We will limit students to a maximum of 100.

Report on Donations Received

Total cash donations from 2015 January -2020 March PhP 4,525,905.50
Total number of cash donors = 134

It may be noted from the chart below that in the past, particularly in Year 2017, most donations went to school operations because of the steep rise in renting our previous premises in Tandang Sora . In 2017, Rogan Builders donated the funds to obtain the titled property in Amityville. I am happy to report that from 2018 to the present, most donations had gone directly to beneficiaries in the form of scholarships.

List of Cash Donors (in alphabetical order)

Agluba, Rowena 
Agosto, Grace 
Akihiro Nishi Kawa
Alconga, Timothy 
Alen, Linda 
Alvarez, Joy 
Anderson , John & Abby 
Anna Manila
17 Anonymous donors
Aquino, Edna 
Aquino, Mave
Arzadon, Mercedes
Bajaro Emmanuel
Bajaro Farm
Bajaro, Bubbles
Bajaro, Darryl & Marjorie
Balgos, Val 
Balgos, Vanjo  
Baquet, James & Lila 
Bauca, Ma. Elena
Baysic , Richmiel 
Beldia, Twink 
Beldia, Gail 
Blas, Mary Alyssah Gabrielle
Blaze & Burgeon 
Brillante, Eman 
Bringas, Dolly
Bulacan Faithful
C Mungcal Engineering
Camacho Nicolette
Canela Ed and Glo
Capacia , Ella Mae Safura Gentiles
Capacio, Nuella
Cecileville Realty & Service Corp.
Celebrity Sports Plaza, Inc
Christ Compassionate Church
Cipriano, Lucia P. 
Cobb, Hazel 
Conte, Ning
Corpen, Teresa
Cruz,  Lilibeth
Cruz, Alvin
Dasalla, Antonio & Luz
De la Rosa, Nelson & Cecile
Dy, Roseann 
Dynamo Trucking
EA Aurelio Landscape Architects 
Eads, Nathalia (NRE, USA)
Earthdrill Geosystem Inc.
Enriquez, Hiro & Kenji
Fine Line Christian Center 
Floodgates of Heaven 
Flores ,Dianne 
Garcia, Edmundo
Garde, Melvin
Getz Pharma (Phils.), Inc. 
Hipolito, Jose & Victoria 
His Dwelling  Place  Ministries 
House, Elaine Fishcher
HLSF Construction Supply
Isabel Cortes Art Class
Itao, Gamaliel , MTC
Lavador, Serenidad 
Lazo, Lucita
Lim, Belen & Robert 
Lozada, Baldemor & Sanchez
LSD Enterprise

Luces, Trina
Manas, Catherine 
Manas, Neph
Maranan, Janet Santiago 
Maximo , Eufronio 
Maximo, Erwin Jason 
Maximo, Felicisimo 
Mendoza, Maxine
Mendoza, Niña Svetlana M.
 Mevec Corp
Nario, Loida 
Nian, Janice Miguel
NSTP c/o Dr Vicki Jardiolin, UPD
OBCC Church ( Anonymous Donors)
OBCCS  Parents (Across Years)
OBCCS Students  (Across Years)
OBCCS Teachers’ Projects
Opina, Daniel 
Opina, Jimmy 
Opina, Luz 
Opina, Malou 
Pacantara, Berna 
Pacantara, Bryan
Pacapat, Annadonna
Pacapat, Regina
Parents’ Orientation Meeting
Parents’ Seminar
Passion For Perfection Inc. 
Pingsvil Corp 
Quintinita, Len 
Rapha Health 
Reblora Caesar R
Regala, Maritess M. 
Resurreccion, Anji Milcah
Resurreccion, Hannah
Resurreccion, Lyra
Resurreccion, Fiel
Resurreccion-Gutierrez, Irene
Resurreccion, Jose Israel
Resurreccion, Rene Mikhael 
Resurreccion-Buendia, Violet
Reyes, Patricia
Rogan Builders
Sabarez, Christopher
Sabarez, Dorothy
Sabarez, Faustino
Sabarez, Marilita 
Salonga, Justine 
Samoy, Arnel and Eden 
San Diego, Beth
San Diego, David
Santanina, Taria
Sarmiento, Jaylene
Seisa, Trecia 
Sia, Chanel
Sy, Lily 
Tan, Grace 
Taylor, Karen 
Tuazon, Christina 
Tuazon, Gideon
Tuazon, Renato  
 Uy, Filipina M 
Valenzuela, Dan & Emily
Vargas, Rosalina
Velasco, Theresa Ferreras 
Victory Group 

How Other Community Members Contributed

  • Old Balara Christian Community Church Inc           Trustees, Members
  • Philippine Council for NGO Certification                   Accreditation
  • Gerardo & Anicia Castillo                                              Temporary Facility
  • AMH Philippines, Inc                                                     Geotechnical Services
  • Architect Danilo Valenzuela                                         Architectural Services
  • Architect Chito Granda                                                  Architectural Services
  • Architect Thomas Bautista                                           Architectural Services
  • Anthony Manas                                                              Engineering Services
  • Gospel of Christ Family Church                                   Prayers, Member donations
  • Mt Zion Chosen Generation Church                           Prayers, Promotion of ALS
  • Torre Family                                                                  Basketball Court
  • ADFEC                                                                           Networking
  • Caritax Philippines                                                        Crowdfunding                           
  • Markneel Balgos                                                           Website design & newsletter
  • Emma Uy                                                                       Sample uniforms
  • Small Enterprises Research & Development Foundation (SERDEF) Sponsorship

2019 Highlights

Foundation Day Enterprise Visit

Scholars in the Alternative Learning System (ALS) Program

Soap making https://www.facebook.com/obccs/photos/ms.c.eJw9jkESwDAIAn~;UQTQa~;v~_xTk3jdQdYrIpc2JV0BfKxBuakkOD~_Aba0iuU1iQa5B9A7Ab8gzobdDYM3WFMxfVqvmA11wu1qhaOdY0BXNBZUJ0xTqd7ISXj0U3G0cbR6AZ4qM28~-.bps.a.1772250836239410/1772250876239406/?type=3&theater

Savings Account Opening

Photos can be viewed in our FB site and embedded in our promo video

Donors and friends, the above report is to let you know where and how your support was utilized to empower our identified beneficiaries. We pray that we can continue to work together to get more deserving underprivileged children into our classrooms. May the Lord increase our harvest of enterprising Christian young people in Year 2 !

Prepared April 2020
Angelita B. Resurreccion, Ph.D.
BOT President

Published by OB Christian Community School

OBCCS offers DepEd accredited programs from Kindergarten to Grade 10. Master teachers integrate Christian values and enterprise education for students to see the relevance of schooling to their current lives and future as job creators. We were supported by Small Enterprises Research & Development Foundation (SERDEF) in developing our unique curriculum, and have benefitted from years of work with CEFE International, now based in Cologne Germany.

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