Praises and Prayers (January 2020)

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-Praise God for our new home in Rodriguez, Rizal, and for our temporary shelter
-Praise God for seven Grade 7 students, and 22 ALS students for this term
-Praise God for the successful activities and school events (school dedication, educational trips and family bonding, tree planting, entrepreneurship month, setting up bank accounts for the students, Christmas party)
-Praise God for providing us a school court near the school
-Praise God for the continuous provision and generous donations from donors
-Praise God for the progress for the school building construction


-Pray that the Lord will provide us additional classrooms to accommodate more students
-Pray that the Lord will increase the number of students and expand the grade levels
-Pray that we may raise more funds for the school building construction
-Pray that we may gather more sponsors for the school
-Pray that we may continue to share Christ in the community and serve the community through enterprising education
-Pray that we may establish a Senior High School program for the next term


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