We are more than a school

We are in the business of building Christian character, so children learn to put education to good use and build their community

Program offers

Academic Programs

Kinder to Grade 10 programs.
Daily online classes
Supplemented printed materials and ebooks
Math camp
Enterprise Education Curriculum

Special Programs for Youth Entrepreneurship

5-day intensive experiential program for young people (14-18 years old). This year, the program is EU-sponsored and done in partnership with CEFE Macedonia. Trainers are licensed by CEFE International of Germany.


Alternative Learning System (ALS)

We offer ALS classes to interested adults who have missed out on formal schooling for various reasons. This is a community service program of the school.

At OBCCS, I learned to save and create a business at a young age. It helped me thrive.

Joanna Marrey Corpuz